domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Harbour ...


Hair  'AGAINST' | [INK]
Tuff Beard | Unorthodox 
Ero sensei necklace | [MANDALA]
Ears Taper | [MANDALA] 
-David Heather-Diamond Gun/Gold RARE
Jeans  HotBoy  Black | MUSCHI 


New hair 'Flying Over the Dateline' | EXILE
Composite necklace (For  MOM event (April the 20th) | [Pumpkin]
New 'Streetweart' outfit (for mens) from [Pumpkin] @ TMD
Celestial Midi Toe Rings from  Izzie's @ Black Fashion Fair
Bracelet 'Leather Bow' GACHA from Izzie's @ Black Fashion Fair
Shape / hands / feets | Maitreya
Pose 'Jourdan' from Purple Poses @ Black Fashion Fair

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