martes, 4 de noviembre de 2014

Moments ..


[Headband] Group Gift | Magika
Hair Feline Group Gift | little bones. 
Necklace - Bachata Chained Cross | MG
My Sweetie Lingerie from [LF] for @ The Big Show
My Off Shoulder Shirt |
Leggings | Maitreya 
Bag Call Me Back | DDL
Eclat - Bracelet Example | ÉCLAT

HAIR 24 / Dark Sandy Blonde | Eaters Coma
Necklace - Fairy Infinity | MG
Loose knit sweater | (Milk Motion)
Mini pleated leather skirt | (Milk Motion)
Wendy.Boots (Tan) | fri. 


New skin "Anna" |  {AIMI}
Tiara - Misha Dark Fairy | MG
Stretched ears-Omimi | [MANDALA]
Hair Day The World Went Away | ::Exile::
    Tatoo "Dragon Eye"  | [Ner .ink]    
Necklace - Misha Dark Fairy | MG
Denim shirt | .: Villena :.
Tattoo Buda | [Ner .ink]   

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