viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2014

Incredibily Close..

On Gangs.

Hair  Dayveid - Noir | XY
Sweatshirt | [ 2byte ] 
Waist shirts jeans | [ 2byte ]
Shoes "SplitRock" (gacha RARE) | [NikotiN] 
Clock X CheckMate Coal | FLite.

Glasses  AKIRA / Black | * S O R G O
Couronne Septum - Chrome | (epoque)
Facial Hair Unorthodox Full beard sloppy
Beard  Goat Beard | -Labyrinth-

On Amixita.

Hair " 8021" | *PH*
Elixir Necklace from [LF]
Knit Short Sweater Grey from [LF] @ The Thrift Shop
Leather Pants (Slink body appl) from [LF] @ The Thrift Shop
Bag Instant Crush | DDL
Tattoo "Dragon eye" | [Ner .ink]  
New shoes Iodine - black - | [whatever]

Couple Pose | Purple Poses 

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