miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Boo ..

On Amixita.

Cap Floral Snapback | I N V I C T U S
Hair Sea Foam | little bones
Chunky Chain Necklace | ÉCLAT
Necklace - Fairy Infinity | MG
New skin "Patty" | Izzie's 
Mike t-shirt from Spirit Store @ TMD
Quick Time Tattoo | [K]
Mike boyfriend jeans Spirit Store @ TMD
Bag Instant Crush | DDL
Shoes "break me" (Slink Mid compatible) | DDL
Decoration Boo Wall Art | Izzie's

On Raute.

Cap hains Snapback | I N V I C T U S
Taper Ears | [MANDALA]
KenzuFur-Black | !.RR.!
 [Deadwool] Meursault sweater @ TMD
Jax Knuckle gold BOSS | Legal Insanity  
 [VALE KOER] Vk Future shorts @ TMD

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