viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

Baby EspejitO

I present you this amazing baby "Bebe EspejitO".
You can choose from six beautifuls skins and eye colours.
Female and male sex, with genitals.

*Espejito Maternity Center* is the best choice to accompany those couples who wish to pursue the dream of being parents. They provide personalized attention from first to each of our future parents.

You can choose your favourite language of menu
- Spanish, English or Portuguese -
Is too easy to use and will surprise you!
(I promiss you)
It speak many sentences in general chat and interact with parents and people around, completly random and not repetitive.


"Bebé espejito" will grow up in size ass the day past.  There are several stages ( when the baby has 7, 15 and 21 days ), and new actions and animations are learning.

 You can buy manu objects, furniture, games, clothes and accesories in *Espejito Maternity Center*.

 If you like that you see and you want to know more about this amazing baby, please, watch this video below this word and enjoy this dream.

Do you want to know this amazing store?

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| Thanks so much to Ana & Thelo for you support to make this post ❥ |

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